Everybody can use a coin counter, just adjust the coin diameter and thickness and you are up and running. You do not need a fixed position to place the machine, compact design makes the coin counter easy to move around. And if you need service or spare parts, wherever you are in the world there is always a partner company ready to assist you.

With counting speeds up to 2,700 coins/minute, the SC-303 are real time-savers. Reliable partners for banking, retail, amusement and other businesses that need to count, verify or bag coins or plastic tokens. The products are so compact that
they will fit in wherever you need to use them.

Perfect for:

  • Bank, retailers, back-office environment in need of a compact machine
  • Bagging tokens or coins
  • Low cash volumes
  • Universal currency counter
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220 X 370 X 165 mm


8.4 kg/18.5 lb

Power Consumption

40 W

Power Supply

100-130/220-240 V, 60/50 Hz


up to 2,700 coins/min


14-34 mm/0.55-1.34”


1.0-3.4 mm/0.04-0.13”



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Coin adapter
Code: CA 1

Insert holder
Code: IH 1

Tubing inserts (for prefabricated coin tubes)
Code: TI 1

Bag guide with shelf
Code: BGS 1

Bag guide without shelf
Code: BG 1

Bagging attachment (for rejected coins)
Code: BA 3

Bagging attachment (for rejected coins)
Code: BA 3