The SC-3003 is a high capacity coin counter and its quality and variety of smart functions are appreciated by thousands of users worldwide. In short, the SC-3003 is considered to be one of the most robust and high quality coin counters on the market today.

The SC-3003 coin counter has been especially developed to count large quantities at a fast rate, ensuring efficient and reliable counting of incoming coins or tokens. Its high capacity, up to 3,500 coins per minute, makes it a popular coin counter at banks and cash centres all over the world.

Perfect for:

  • Back-office environments
  • Customers demanding a robust and reliable coin counter
  • High cash volumes


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295 x 595 x 245 mm


17 kg / 37.5 lbs

Power Supply

110/220/240 V, 50/60Hz

Power Consumption

175 W


up to 3,500 coins/min.


15-37 mm / 0.59-1.46”


1.0-3.5 mm / 0.04-0.14”



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Bagging attachment (for the rejected coins)
Code: BA 1

Bag guide without shelf
Code: BG 1

Code: FC 3

Insert holder
Code: IH 1

Inspection tray (7.6 litres)
Code: IT 1

Large coin hopper (9 litres)
Code: LCH 45

Remote display
Code: RD 6

Coin tray (2.4 litres)
Code: CT 1

Coin hopper (4.5 litres)
Code: CH 45

Serial interface RS 232 for connection to PC
Code: SI 2

Tubing insert for prefabricated tubes
Code: TI 1