Automating the manual cash center

A simpler way to manage your till cash, cashier and cash office processes!

This is a foolproof round-the-clock system, which cannot be cheated and through re-cycling makes sure you always have the correct change in-store.

With fewer steps in the process for the cashiers and the cash always being locked in safes or similar, you minimize the risk of shrinkage. The cashiers’ time spent on ‘end of day’ will be cut from 15-30 minutes to 5 minutes and by cutting cost for CIT, transportation, staff, verification and administration, you increase profit.

Best of all – in less than one year you can expect to recoup the total cost of your original investment.

After registering on the RCS-800, the cashier selects the cash mix for the day. In less than 30 seconds, coins are automatically dispensed into the cashier’s specified cash drawer, and a receipt is printed. Banknote solutions are available. Banknotes can be dispensed from a sidecar in parallel with the coins. All activities are registered in the machine’s database or sent via the monitoring software to a central server.

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580 x 580 x 1500 mm


380 Kg

Power Supply

120-240 V / 50 Hz

Speed Counting

up to 700 coins / min

Speed Dispensing

up to 500 coins / min.


16-32 mm / 0.63 – 1.2"


1.5-3.2 mm / 0.06-0.13"

Capacity Coin Dispenser

25,000 coins / 8 denominations

Capacity Transport Box

5,500 mixed coins



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