RCS-400 2.2

The Flexible Multi-Till Solution

The latest RCS-400 2.2 transforms your cash handling into smart cash management, improving your business at all levels.

The steady flow of cash into the back office needs to be counted, allocated and secured quickly and efficiently. With the RCS-400 2.2 you take control of the cash through an efficient, automated cash cycle all the way round, from internal cash handling to CIT operations. This ensures both time and cost savings, as well as an increased customer service.

The Multi-Till Solution is giving the retailer freedom to use existing Tills already used in store together with the RCS-400 coin recycler solution. The Multi-Till Solution is able to handle the most common Tills available on the market*. It optimizes the dispense operation by having the coins sorted into the correct pockets, which saves valuable time and minimizes the risk of wrong coin in wrong pocket.



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Coins mixed, up to 12 coins per second


Up to 40 coins per second into till

Recycling Storage

16,000 coins

Storage Pickup / Overflow

5,500 coins

Total Capacity

21,500 coins

Safe grade

2-3 mm Steel cabinet, key lock security


590 x 500 x 1,155 mm


80 Kg



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