ICX Active-9

The SCAN COIN ICX Active-9 is the all-in-one solution from SUZOHAPP for any coin sorting need. It’s unique Active Sorting® Technology ensures outstanding features: multiple currencies processed, very high throughput, multiple set-ups and configurations.

This brand new strong and compact active coin sorter designed for the mid range section of our portfolio. It is a sorter and counter with high accuracy and performance that can process up to 250.000 coins daily.

The ICX Active-9 is extremely flexible and easy to use thanks to its 10” LCD touchscreen user interface. Furthermore, it offers comprehensive statistics to ensure that all coins can be simply and instantly traced.

Perfect for:

  • Banks
  • Retail
  • CIT / Central Cash Processing
  • Gaming and Amusement
  • Vending
  • High demands in accuracy and performance
  • Medium cash volumes

  • Low power consumption
  • Either desktop or standalone solution
  • 3 USB for accessories or peripherals
  • One ethernet port for networking
  • Additional input and output for accessories
  • Coin outlets are spaced identically to the ICP Active-9 and SC-4000
  • Configuration by standard P-5000 service program
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770 mm x 614 mm x 547 mm


89 Kg


Active Sorting®

Number of Pockets

9 coin outlets plus 1 for rejection


Processing up to 2,700 coins per minute


15.0–33.0 mm (0.59-1.3’’)


0.9–3.5 mm (0.04-0.14’’)


10" touchscreen user interface



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