A strong cash management solution brand

With over 40 years of experience as a provider of cash processing solutions, the company has acquired invaluable insight on every cash handling segment. The combination of PayComplete’s advanced technology and industry knowledge ensures that its solutions make cash handling easy an economically viable.

Cash remains a popular and enduring payment medium, the continuing challenge is to find new solutions to enhance cost-effective cash handling.

The PayComplete group has been acquired by SUZOHAPP in 2015 and is now fully integrated in the SUZOHAPP group, in in which PayComplete is proud to be the cash management solution brand.

PayComplete‚Äôs mission is to add value to our customers’ businesses by creating solutions that enable them to process cash efficiently. PayComplete is a global leading brand in automatic coin and bank note processing. We offer tailored solutions, from stand alone coin or note counters to a complete system of hardware and software, for efficient cash processing.

A. Kirmitsis Ltd - Partner, Scan Coin cash cycle