Contex is a Market Leader in large format scanning

Delivering world-class scanners to over 100 countries, Contex solutions are recognized by a wide range of industries for reliability, high performance and superb image quality.
We have earned our reputation as the market leader by developing state-of-the-art technology and software for almost 100 years.

Contex makes large format scanning solutions; helping people around the world to share, store, and enhance their paper plans and creative drawings digitized. Nearly all product/project ideas start with a plain piece of paper. Sometime just a few, sometimes millions of paper documents need to be digitized to save “already created plans”.
Saving valuable information from the past for the future processes is essential for the evolution of the world. Think about that when seeing a city skyline, riding on a high-speed train, using electricity or when taking a hot shower. Now you got a flavor of what millions of users are doing with our products and solutions.