3D Printing Solutions



MakerBot believes there's an innovator in everyone, and sets the standard in reliability and ease of use. As a global leader in the desktop 3D printing industry, MakerBot offers a set of solutions that illuminate and guide every stage of the 3D printing process, making it easy to go from idea to end result. Founded in 2009, MakerBot has the largest installed base in the industry with more than 100,000 MakerBot Desktop 3D Printers sold to date.




Our company, A. Kirmitsis Ltd, as Official Resellers of the MakerBot products, provides professional and specialized Training, both hardware and software, for the purchased 3D printer device of your choice. Through our professional 3D modelling technicians, we provide various Training Schemes for you to choose from.


BASIC TRAINING (3D Printer + Printer Software)

This program of training can start immediately after the purchase of your 3D printer. It is highly recommended with users new to the MakerBot experience. It allows for the user to take advantage of all the functions of the MakerBot EcoSystem and provides all necessary knowledge to start creating.

Duration: 3 hours
Price: €150

• Unboxing the 3d printer purchased by the customer (Printer setup, guidance to the first test print).
• Introduction to MakerBot mobile application.
• Introduction to MakerBot print shop tablet application.
• Introduction to Thingiverse (over 1 million free 3d printable models).
• Introduction to the slicer software of the 3d printer (MakerBot Desktop).
• Introduction to Netfabb

ADVANCED TRAINING (MakerBot EcoSystem + Introduction to 3d Modeling)

This program of training can start when the training demand reach its high point. With the selection of this scheme, the user completes the features of Basic Training and in addition, receives an introduction to 3D Modelling with a step by step format.

Duration: 6 hours
Price: €400

• Basic Training (3D Printer + Printer Software)
• Introduction to 3d Modeling
• Step by step tutorial from 3d design to 3d printing according to customers needs. The customer will be introduced to the software that is needed in order to achieve 3d modeling and from there, the preparation steps for successful 3d printing.




Whether you're an experienced 3D designer, a professional in your industry or just want to personalize a unique gift, our company offers you the possibility to make exactly what you want. With our tools and experience, more and more people will have the opportunity to become designers and inventors.

With our experienced 3D Modeller, our very own MakerBot Replicator+ and a fully equipped workshop, we are ready to take on any 3D modelling project. Either to produce the desired 3D files or the actual 3D printed product of your need.


Present your projects in a professional way. Primary, secondary and higher education students can easily design and built their projects using our 3d printing and 3d modeling service.

Quickly develop and explore post-production prototypes. Eliminate the mistakes in mass production with 3d printing rapid prototyping.

Architecture + Design modeling
Physical scale models to communicate design ideas to clients, committees, and the general public. Review and test your designs before final decisions. Help your clients understand architecture through 3d printing.

Fashion + Product design
Fabricate your ideas and bring them to life with 3d printing. Fashion designers and makers in general can print parts or whole design projects using 3d printing.

General 3D printing
Choose your design online and let us print it for you. Online 3d model libraries like
www.thingiverse.com provide millions of FREE 3d printable models for you to choose from. Choose the 3d model you like and we will 3d print it for you.