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kyoCoin Sachet System

Perfect for:
► Large volumes of coin
► Banks and CIT centres
► Councils
► Transport companies

Product Description

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The SCAN COIN Coin Sachet System, together with the range of options and systems integrated solutions en-sures that you achieve an accurate, secure and cost effective method of packaging large amounts of coin.

The ‘Standard’ SCAN COIN coin sachet system can be configured in a number of ways.
‘Single head’ systems :
For simple stand alone applications a system comprising a BDO 1C with a single coin counter is used. Either of SCAN COIN’s market leading coin counters – SC 3003 or SC 360 can be used, depending on local requirements and coin processing volumes.
‘Twin head’ systems :
In areas where higher productivity and throughput are required, systems using the BDO 1(P)2 sachet machine with a TFCF unit (escrow) and dual SC 3003 will significantly increase sachet production speed.
Twin head systems are normally used on Mini or Three Channel Bullion Packaging Systems.