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Perfect for:
► 24/7 self-service
► Banks
► Medium cash volumes
► With semi-online possibilities

Product Description

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CDP 4 – Self Service for Public Transport

Do you want to give your drivers a secure point for registering and storing the day’s cash takings?
In addition do you want a solution that can be integrated into your network and improve profits?
This is the solution!

The deposit solution releases trained drivers from back office cash-counting duties so they can get back on the road, back to driving, which is where they are most efficient. Integrating the unit into your network helps you to gather and deliver valuable business data. The drivers deposit information valuable to your transport company, as well as depositing cash.

With the monitoring system it is also possible to monitor connected units from one central location, a system which enables easy planning and management of machines at different locations. As a solution it offers fast and accurate processing of bank notes, coins, non cash items and transport tokens, moving them into secure coin vaults and note vaults.