DocuWare On-Premise

DocuWare is a modern document management system for professional enterprise content management. Install the on-premise solution on your servers and use it throughout the company. Our flexible license model and various software modules allow you to perfectly tailor the software to your work processes and company requirements.

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Overview of Functions
All DocuWare features are available to you in both On-Premise and Cloud so you have a free choice between the DocuWare variants. All application fields can be optimally implemented with DocuWare – without having to accept limitations to the feature set.

With DocuWare On-Premise, you acquire licenses for servers, users, and add-on modules. Get detailed information about our licensing model by contacting our office.


DocuWare is available in various server versions with different feature sets. Which one is suited to your company will depend on your requirements: a simple standard solution is often sufficient for small companies while medium and large companies may require a more comprehensive document management infrastructure with flexible feature sets that can be expanded, unlimited file cabinet sizes, maximum scalability, and special security and encryption options.

User Licenses

Every DocuWare user needs a user license in order to log in. Employees who need to be able to work with DocuWare without restrictions should be assigned a “named” license. For occasional use, several colleagues can share “concurrent” licenses. There can be as many users logged on to the system at the same time as there are concurrent licenses.

License for add-on modules

In addition to the feature portfolio provided by the server licenses, you can expand the DocuWare feature set individually with add-on modules. For example you can integrate document management for storage and searching in other applications, and implement extremely demanding document workflows. Purchasing an additional add-on license makes the expanded feature set available to all users in an organization.

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