Document Management Roadmap

Our Step-By-Step Process For Success

The Kirmitsis team draws on more than 25 years of helping businesses like yours. We’ll guide you through the early stages of assessment and planning to implementation and optimization, and all along provide the training, support and education that ensure maximum adoption by users.

1. Orientation

We discuss with you which departments, document types, and processes offer the most potential for improvement.

2. On-Site Presentation

We present features of DocuWare which are most relevant to your needs (based on our previous conversations). Together with your decision makers and future users, we will demonstrate how your company will benefit; a cost estimate will be provided. The Assessment and Client Presentation are completely free.

3. Solution Workshop (optional)

In cases with more expansive requirements, our consultants will work together with different individuals in your company to capture and document the details needed for your solution. This service is typically a 1-3 day(s) paid consulting engagement.

4. Proposal and Purchase

After the Client Presentation or Solution Workshop, you will receive our detailed proposal in which the solution and benefits to be achieved are itemized. You can then decide if and when you plan on introducing document management.

5. Implementation and training

After all these preparation steps, your DocuWare solution can typically go live in two to five days which are used for installation, configuration and training.

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