Managed Print And Document Solutions


Uncover your hidden costs with Smart Managed Document Solutions

Save time and money with OKI by optimising your print and document workflow with a tailored service to meet the needs of any type or size of business or organisation.

With print and document related processes, there are often questions that go unanswered. For example, are you aware of the amount of avoidable printing that occurs in your organisation every day resulting in unnecessary costs? Or how much time is spent by you or your staff managing and maintaining your printer fleet when you could be focusing on your business?

These unanswered questions can result in costs that are often hidden and unaccounted for within the business.

Smart Managed Document Solutions from OKI offers a portfolio of services underpinned by software, technologies and tools to tackle these unanswered questions and offer a solution to help reveal significant savings for your business both in time and money.

Through a process of consultation and analysis we will identify your specific business needs and recommend a flexible solution to optimise your print and document output. This will have full visibility and the opportunity to reduce costs, whilst delivering workflow efficiencies, saving you time and your business money.

How Smart Managed Document Solutions works

Through a structured process, OKI determines the optimal printing and document workflow solution for your organisation. We will work with you on a continual basis to assess your needs by analyzing your printer usage and recommending the right service to meet your specific requirements and to help reduce your printing costs.

OKI not only facilitates the management of your devices and consumables, we also advise on the right mix of devices and where they should be located to increase productivity.

Our continual management, review and implementation process ensures that your document workflow processes adapt and keep pace with changes across your organisation while delivering the anticipated cost savings.

1. Assess

By observing and understanding your printing environment OKI will assess your current and future requirements and how best these can be optimised.

2. Recommend

OKI will propose the most suitable solution for your business from our wide range of models.

3. Implement

We will implement our recommended solution with minimum disruption to your business.

4. Manage

Through continuous remote monitoring we will ensure consumables are delivered as they are needed, identify faults before or as they happen and react immediately to minimise any downtime.

5. Review

We provide detailed reporting and statistics on usage of your devices. Through continual review we ensure that your printing and document workflow processes are improved and optimised so that you benefit from higher levels of efficiency and productivity throughout your organisation.