About Us

A. Kirmitsis Ltd is a greatly respected, reliable and credible company well acknowledged by the market (clients, dealers & competitors) in Cyprus, for its experienced management and high level of service/products. Although we have been involved with office machines and solutions for almost 60 years, our area of business for the last 15 years has have been focused in Laser Printers and Mullltifunctionals, Cash Processing Solutions, Professional Scanners, Document Management Software and 3D Printing.

Our company is currently the sole distributor in Cyprus of:

  • OKI Printing Solutions
  • Fujitsu Scanners
  • Avision
  • Scan Coin Currency Handling Machines
  • Contex Large Format Scanners
  • DocuWare
  • MakerBot

Our company’s prime focus is the promotion and distribution of the OKI Printers and Multifunctions within the Cyprus market. Since our appointment as the Distributing company, we strive to advocate OKI’s values to our partners and customers:

  • Contribute to the development of today’s information society
  • Achieve the hopes and dreams of its stakeholders
  • Ensure “peace of mind” for its global customers and become a reliable and preferred partner to those customers
  • Establish OKI as a global brand


Our mission is to become an efficient and effective Office Solutions provider, supplying any office environment and satisfying any input/output solution. We intend on offering our clients the ultimate in satisfactory service, economically viable and competitive, yet never compromising on our quality. Commitment, loyalty and integrity are core values that will help us realize our mission and build key relationships with our clients.

In particular, we make sure we implement the PHILOSOPHY of the companies we represent to our customers. We understand that our main objective is to create a positive profile of our partners to the perception of our customers. To achieve that, we make sure of the reliability of the products we choose to distribute, but also we make sure our technical team is trained and experienced enough, to provide our customers with the best possible After-Sales Support.


Direct Sales
Most of our direct sales are achieved through the reputation of our company. We do have a website, presence in social media and company labels on our products, but most of our retail customers make their approach from word of mouth and recommendations.

Channel Marketing
Probably around 75% of our private sector sales activities take place through Channel Marketing. During all the years of operation, our company is very proud of its wide network of Dealers around Cyprus, some exclusive and some not. Our Dealer network expands all around the island, and our target is to keep those wholesale Dealers educated with our products, informed for every new development and Special Offer and trained to be able to provide the basic technical assistance to their customers.

Our long standing experience in the field of Public Tenders, has established our company’s name with Tender officials in various departments of the Cyprus Government. We have been participating in Public Tenders for the last 15 years, mainly successfully, creating a reputation of reliability and stability among public officers.

Our success in the e-procurement tenders, since their introduction 6 years ago, has allowed us to deliver and install around 5,000 laser printers (color and B/W) in Government offices all around Cyprus. We take our ongoing presence in Government Tenders extremely seriously, and our focus is set in continuing this productive tradition.

The results from this activity are positively affecting all our fields of business:

  • Large amounts of printers currently installed in Public offices
  • Production level scanners working, under maintenance agreements, in Departments like Registrar of Companies, with extremely high daily usage of archiving for Content Management.
  • Various cash Processing Devices, like Banknote Counters and Coin Counters/Sorters are stationed in almost all Banking Systems in the country, as well as any other Department with a cashier counter sector, like Electricity Authority, CYTA etc.

Our reputation has allowed us to participate in Tenders from the Private Sector as well. It may not be quite as competitive and of a smaller scale, but we value our customers equally and show the exact level of high professionalism in every call and in every matter that involves our machines.

Maintenance Agreements
From the country’s largest private companies (like hospitals, law firms, and shipping agencies) to SOHO companies, we uphold yearly contracts for maintaining, servicing and supplying their printing and scanning fleets.


Our company has been active in the Cypriot market of office equipment and machinery for almost 50 years. Through those years many elements have changed, different technologies have been introduced, although our technological knowledge and our ongoing efforts to stay present in our consumer’s options, have established our company.

The graphic below highlights A. Kirmitsis Ltd’s most significant milestones which shaped the company’s history.


Since the beginning, our company’s focus has always been to monitor every development in the office equipment realm, to gain the necessary experience in order to offer the best to our customers. From typewriters, to professional scanners, to laser printers and Multifunctional copiers, to banknote and coin processing machines, to Document Content Management software and 3D Printing.

Most importantly however, we believe that our stand-out attribute is our Technical Support. Our customers, but most importantly our dealers benefit from our well-known Technical Team, who can offer vital First-aid, onsite technical support to our products, as well as a fully equipped technical Workshop operating as a hub for the After-sales support of all our stationed devices.